Sail Nauticus is a Norfolk based non-profit organization committed to positively inspiring, instructing, and impacting Hampton Roads kids through the use of sailing and maritime sciences.

Our kid-centric programs include our Sail Quest summer camps and our flagship initiative, the Sail Nauticus Academy. Both programs partner with Norfolk schools to enroll children ages 10-18, teaching them not just the basics of sailing, but also important math, science, and leadership skills that will help them throughout their lives. As an after-school program, the Academy recruits its soon-to-be-sailors from select Title-I middle schools in Norfolk for up to a three-year commitment, providing our sixth through eighth grade students a unique opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills as they navigate their way to becoming exceptional young adults.

Welcome to Sail Nauticus. 

Here, we are creating a community through sailing. We think that sailing is something worth sharing. It brings you to a place that is ever more difficult to reach in this busy world. Sailors appreciate teamwork, the importance of communication, and take pride in their craft...

And that is why we founded Sail Nauticus Academy.

All of our programs--like Sail Abouts, Learn to Sail classes, and Membership--help fund our free after-school program for Norfolk Public middle school students. Through sailing, swimming, first aid, and boatbuilding, these children are developing their characters at a formative time in their lives. The Academy is creating a ripple of change that will expand as these young adults grow in our community.