Sail Nauticus is a community sailing center committed to inspiring our community through increasing access to maritime experiences. We have a fleet of Harbor 20s, a Cape Dory Typhoon, and also operate the 120-foot Schooner Virginia. This diversity of craft allows us to provide dynamic programs and engage novice and experienced sailors alike. 

Our programs include educational day sails, overnight voyages aboard our schooner, summer camps, and, our flagship program, Sail Nauticus Academy--a free after-school program for Norfolk middle school students. In addition to a thriving youth program, we also offer a membership program for adults which include social sails, racing, and dock-side events and sailing skills clinics.

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Our mission is to inspire and connect our community through shared maritime experiences. This closely aligns with the broader Nauticus Foundation mission to benefit our community through education, impactful experiences and by sharing access to maritime resources. 

And that is why we founded Sail Nauticus Academy.

All of our programs -- like First Sails, Learn to Sail courses, and Membership -- help fund our free after-school program for Norfolk Public middle school students. Through sailing, swimming, first aid, and boat-building, these children are developing their character at a formative time in their lives. The Academy is creating a ripple of change that will expand as these young adults grow in our community.