A Vibrant Sailing Community in Downtown Norfolk

Members enjoy full access to our fleet and activities throughout the year:

Seasonal Racing Series
Social Sails
Full Moon Sails
Skill Clinics & Lectures
Discount on US Sailing Certifications
Lighted Boat Parades
Special Events

And that’s not even the best part! Membership dues help fund our Sail Nauticus Academy, a free after-school program for middle school students in Norfolk Public Schools. Learn More about the Academy program here.

Two Membership Levels

Crew Level Membership

No experience required

No guest fees

Sail with a Sail Nauticus Captain + your guests

Participation in all Sail Nauticus social events

Monthly installment payment option of $25/month (1-year commitment)

Captain Level Membership

Experience required

No guest fees

Captain a boat and bring your own guests

Participation in all Sail Nauticus social events

Monthly installment payment option of $36/month (1-year commitment)

*Plus a one-time, $100 Initiation Fee is required from all new members.

Don't know how to sail? 

No problem! Crew level members do not need any sailing experience. If you want to learn, your member benefits include these options:

 1.) On-the-water Skill Clinics

2.) Mentorship: Engage one of our Captains and learn one-on-one

3.) Save 15% off on our Learn to Sail: US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification Course

Is there a member handbook I can read?
Yes! You can download it here:Member Handbook
Should I join as Captain or Crew?
Unless you are a confident keelboat sailor, you should join as Crew. Crew can upgrade to Captain after passing the tests. Your membership dues will be pro-rated if annual, and change in the next month if monthly.
How do Captains go sailing?
Log in to the member page and make a reservation. Add a guest or wait for crew to join to meet the two-person minimum.
How do Crew go sailing?
There are many planned sails (social sails, racing) as well as boats that are free sailing every day. The most popular ways to sail are:
-Attend a social sail
-Join a reservation
-Meet and contact a captain and coordinate a reservation date and time
How do Crew become Captains?
There are many different routes:
-Learn from the many different captains by sailing and talking with them.
-Attend free member skill clinics and work your way up the track. Once you have demonstrated each skill in a clinic, your instructor will sign off so you can sign up for the next one.
-Pair up with a member mentor. This free program encourages Captain level members to volunteer to personally train a Crew member until they are ready to take the Captains tests.
-Take private lessons with one of our instructors. These are two hour one-on-one sailing lessons with an instructor on board. They cost $120 for the session.
-Attend our 20-hour US Sailing Basic Keelboat class. This class is an intensive weekend that provides a foundation of
Crew level members that have graduated to captains in the past have often completed a combination of these to get a fully rounded-out education.
How long does it take to get to Captain?
It boils down to how quickly you learn and how often you practice. We have had some members graduate from zero knowledge of sailing to Captain level in just a few months because of their determination.
How many people can the boats hold?
Four to five comfortably
Is there a guest charge?
No, guests are free as long as they come with a member.
Can I bring my family sailing?
Yes, and we encourage you to!
What is the availability of the boats?
Boats are available almost any time we are open.
How far in advance should I book the boat?
As little as two hours beforehand is often enough, but the more notice, the better, especially if you are looking for crew or a captain. We have 12 boats, so there is almost always one available!
Does everyone need to wear a lifejacket? If so, can I provide my own?
Yes, everyone is required to wear a lifejacket while on the dock or boats. We are happy to provide everyone with a lifejacket, but if you want to purchase your own, any US Coast Guard approved jacket that is not a "fanny-pack" type inflatable is acceptable.