If you're tired of using golf outings, ropes courses, or paintball games for your teambuilding events, why not try something new? Let us help you plan a unique and exciting event that will get your group out on the water and sailing together on a destination sail or racing series tailored specifically for you.

For your Team 

An engaging, participatory, and confidence-building activity, sailing provides the ideal platform for building better teams. Through a crew's quest to achieve a common goal, divergent personalities will improve communication, analysis, and problem-solving skills. Our highly qualified instructors help nurture leadership qualities while ensuring the success of every team member; our boats are designed to provide a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable experience for individuals of all ages and physical abilities, and our programs are customized to achieve your business and human resources goals. Set sail with Sail Nauticus and discover a powerful catalyst for positive change.

For the Community

As a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of Norfolk's youth, 100% of the prooceeds from our program go towards funding our Sail Nauticus Academy program.

The Academy program is a free, after-school program for Norfolk Public School middle schoolers. Through sailing, our Academy students learn principles of leadership, positive collaboration, teamwork, and craftsmanship. Sailing is used as a launchpad for health and STEM education, and our educators work to instill values of discipline, honor, and self-worth in each student.