And We’re Back!

Today is the first day of our Sail Nauticus Academy Spring sailing session! We’re excited to have our students back on campus today, bringing some life to an otherwise quiet and gray day. While it doesn’t look like the weather will let us get out on the water, we have plenty planned this week to get their minds back on sailing.

In celebration of another great winter season, here’s a quick recap of everything they accomplished:

6th Grade

Our 6th grade students spent the winter learning how to swim at the Huntersville Rec Center. Many of our students came to us with no swimming experience at all, so we started by teaching them the basics. Whether the students know how to swim or not, learning and improving on this skill is a huge confidence-booster. It’s incredible to see the transformation from timid splashing to confident strokes.  At the end of the winter, they may not be the fastest or the most technical swimmers, but that is not our overall goal. Seeing a student who did not know how to swim finally getting the confidence to jump into the deep end or swim a length of the pool without a life jacket is a huge success.


7th Grade

Our 7th grade students spent the season refining their swimming skills, as well as learning proper First Aid and CPR practices. They covered skills such as scene assessment, emergency action plans, chest compression, choking, and splinting. Teaching our students these important skills will help them stay cool, calm, and confident in an emergency situation.

8th Grade

Our 8th graders spent another successful winter at the Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop. For the past two years, 8th graders have built five beautiful wooden row boats from scratch. This year, they spent the season converting two of these rowboats to sailboats! All of the major components for the sailboats were built by hand by our 8th graders. The great staff at Tidewater Wooden Boat supervised them as they took measurements, used power tools, and really got their hands dirty in the construction process. They also learned a practical application for all that math they’re learning in school!


After another great winter season, we’re ready for our kids to get back on the boats. Annabelle and Peter have spent the winter prepping curriculum, building fun and educational games and activities, and training a great staff of instructors who are excited to reunite with the students. We can’t wait to see what this season holds for our awesome crew!

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