Frostbite Racing 2020

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    Jacob Raymond

    We kicked off the 2020 Frostbite Season last Saturday. It was a bit rainy but warmer air temps encouraged enough sailors to come out to fill six boats! The breeze was light and shifty but did fill in for the last couple of races. Here is the line up.

    1st Place Sue Chapman and John Bowers: Races: 2,4,1,1 Total: 8 points
    2nd Place Dylan Guill, Phillip Guill, and Matt McKeen: Races: 1,1,2,4 Total: 8 points
    3rd Place Michael Kolestsos, Taylor Knudsen, Miguel Lopez Races: 3,2,6,3 Total: 14 points
    4th Place Al Ponessa and Ruth Bauman Races: 4,6,3,2 Total: 15 points
    5th Place Vincent Tophoff and Allison Johnston Races: 5,3,,4,5 Total: 17 points
    6th Place Mark Kahles, Sara Maley, and Elizabeth Passch Races: 6,5,5,6 Total: 22

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