Monday Night Racing 9/9

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    Jacob Raymond

    Shifty and puff conditions made for fun racing in Crawford bay. Here is the line up for the 7 boat fleet.

    1st Place: John Bowers and Bill Fowler with 9 points
    2nd Place: Al Butzer and Mike Stark with 17 points
    3rd Place: Bill Wheary and Frank Lira with 13 points
    4th Place: Jacob Raymond and Michael Stark with 17 points
    5th Place: Vincent Tophoff and James Camaliche with 19 points
    6th Place: Al Ponessa and Greg Peake with 20 points
    7th Place: Michael Koletsos and Nurefsan Ugurlu with 20 Points

    Albert Butzer

    Hi Jacob:

    Corrections to the above:

    Second place boat had 10 points: 3-3-3-1 finishes and the crew was Dean Anninos. Thanks.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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